Alkaline Ionized Water to optimize your health!

Bob EarlDon’t wait until you have a condition then scramble for answers, try and stop them from ever happening!

During my Motorsports career of over 23 years I sought out advice from many expert health professionals in Kinesiology, chiropractic and nutrition, but it wasn’t until I discovered Alkaline water, that I began to experience optimal health. 

Are you a believer in Preventative Maintenance? I am trying to slow down the aging process. Keep in mind this is not a quick fix, it is an ongoing process to protect our bodies from years of acid foods/drinks, stress and environments. See below why Tap and Bottled waters are not good for us. Try these links to start:


When ready to move on to a healthier future it is important to pick the best value and quality Alkaline Water Ionizer.  I am a Proud Dealer for Lifeionizers because:

  • We have the most affordable Quality Alkaline Water Ionizers
  • Lifeionizers have latest technology and the longest Warranties.
  • We are not a MLM company so our prices are much lower for better quality.
  • With a Lifeionizer you do NOT need to add chemicals like most of our competitors.
  • Click the banner below to see the Certifications for Lifeionizers.

Lifeionizer Certifications

  • Lifeionizers have the most powerful internal filtering systems read here: Water Ionizer Filters compared
  • We also provide you free of charge a custom Pre Filter suited to your local water supply with each Lifeionizer purchase.
  • Customers have sent us countless testimonials, including my story, about the successes they’ve had in overcoming health challenges.
  • Alkaline Ionizers water by Lifeionizers tastes better, in factwe guarantee it’s the best tasting and healthiest water you will ever drink!



The most affordable way to start experiencing Alkaline Water is with the Pitcher of Life. Click here for more information.

Take some time to look around and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. I am located in Marin County north of San Francisco. If you are ready to order click on “How to Order” above. Also get any questions answered by calling 415-203-5519 Pacific Time.
To our Health!
Bob Earl
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