Alkaline Water Machines – Fact or Fiction?

Alkaline mineral water machines are a hotly debated subject. Health advocates point to the large number of people who claim to have made big, positive changes in their health by drinking alkaline mineral water as proof that these machines are beneficial. Skeptics claim the machines can’t work for reasons such as “pure water can’t be ionized”. Skeptics are wrong in this case, because the effect that these machines have on water is well documented. Alkaline water machines use a process called electrodialysis to split water into two halves: Alkaline and acidic mineral streams. Simple chemistry can be used to prove that these alkaline and acidic waters are different than the source water the machine used to make them.

Alkaline Water Machines – Fiction

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Why do alkaline water skeptics doubt water ionizers? The machine’s bad rap among skeptics is partially earned. Overzealous salespeople have made many over-the-top claims in a effort to boost their sales. Some salespeople may mean well, but they don’t understand the chemistry behind water ionization, and as a result they misrepresent the process used by alkaline water machines. 

Alkaline Water Machines – FACTS

What do alkaline water machines actually do to water? Tap water is not pure water, it contains dissolved mineral salts – mostly calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonates – that give water it’s hardness. In fact, pure water is never found in nature.

Alkaline water machines split the mineral carbonates in tap water in half, the minerals and the carbonates end up in separate compartments. The calcium and magnesium end up in the alkaline water, they give the water it’s alkaline pH and healthy properties. The carbonate (dissolved CO2) ends up in the acidic water. So a water ionizer machine actually makes two kinds of water: Alkaline mineral water (for drinking) and an acidic solution of water and carbonic acid.

Alkaline water from an alkaline water machine has these properties that make it different from ordinary tap water:

  • Mineral hydrates – The calcium and magnesium in alkaline water are known as mineral hydrates.

  • Hydration – Alkaline water hydrates better than plain water because the mineral hydrates in it are osmotics – substances that make water easier to absorb

  • Taste – Alkaline water from a water ionizer tastes sweeter and more refreshing than regular water

  • High alkalinity – Alkalinity measures how much acid the water can neutralize. Alkaline water can neutralize more acid than regular water

After a water ionizer separates the minerals from the carbonates in tap water, the minerals react with water to achieve chemical equilibrium – a state where the atomic charges of the minerals are balanced out by negatively charged molecules taken from water molecules. The negatively charged molecule that the minerals get from water molecules are called hydroxyl ions. These hydroxyl ions give alkaline water its antioxidant potential.

Alkaline water hydrates better than plain water because of the mineral hydrates in it. These mineral hydrates – mostly calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide – are recognized by the FDA for their contribution to human nutrition. They also reduce the surface tension of water, which makes it easier to absorb.

Alkaline water tastes better than plain water. If you have hard water – which tastes bitter and chalky –  a water ionizer will fix the taste of your water. In fact, LIFE Ionizers guarantees that we will make your tap water the best tasting water you ever drank!

Alkaline water benefits have been studied

One of the least well understood facts about alkaline water is that it has been studied for it’s effects on health. Several studies have looked at alkaline water’s connection to bone health, detoxification, blood pressure and weight management among other benefits. Nearly all of these studies were preliminary in nature. This means, that while positive results were found, more study is needed to confirm those results.

The lack of follow up studies in the past have been a major barrier to wider public acceptance of alkaline water machines. Studies are expensive, and conclusive studies take decades to complete. In fact, the cost of one clinical trial – to test only one benefit of alkaline water – would cost 10s of billions of dollars. Keep in mind, the annual revenues for the entire alkaline water machine industry is less than a billion dollars! Because clinical trials are so expensive, and the alkaline water machine industry is so small, there is simply no way to confirm any of the promising, preliminary research on the benefits of alkaline water.

Alkaline water: It’s your health, get the facts

If you’re reading this article, you are probably curious about alkaline water. You may have heard a glowing testimonial from a friend, or read about someone losing weight, but are naturally wondering: Would it work for me? There’s an easy way to find out.

LIFE Ionizers gives a 60 day return on all water ionizers (when you pay retail price), minus a restocking fee. This means you can try alkaline water for 60 days to see if it works for you, basically like renting the machine to try it out.

What could happen in 60 days? One recent study examined 4 obese, middle aged people that drank alkaline water for 60 days: They lost an average of 12 pounds. Study subjects also excreted 10 different heavy metals, and saw reduced markers of bone loss. A lot can happen in 60 days. In fact, if you are struggling with health issues, h2oforhealth will even sell you a machine at a discount!

Take the challenge: 60 days to a new you! Call us today at 415-203-5519 for complete details.


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