Are Ionizers worth the cost

Many people pay as much as $5 each a day for bottled water or home delivery of purified water, that’s $1,095 a year for what we call “dead water”. When drinking alkaline water from a Lifeionizer for years to come that cost is gone and so are the thousand’s of plastic bottles that go to the landfill. But, the water you’ll be drinking is many times healthier than bottled water. You will be practicing preventive maintenance! Yes the Lifeionzer has an upfront cost, but then you have a constant supply of the healthiest water possible for years to come. 

People pay large sums of money without hesitation for medication once they get sick, yet they’re often reluctant to spend any money on possibly preventing disease and age related issues, that does not make sense to most of us. 
Keep in mind that the human body consists of about 75 trillion cells and 70 to 75% of those cells are made up of water.  If you had unlimited wealth but were suffering from a severe illness, what would all that wealth be worth to you? If your cells could talk when you are ill, they’d be crying out for adequate hydration and detoxification. 

I changed my priorities in 2006 to try and offset the negative issues related to the acidic world we live in. I purchased a Lifeionizer instead of the TV, clothes etc. It has been the best investment of my life! Now I want to help others experience a better future for themselves and their families.

I compare the cost of the Ionizer to home insurance. Are you angry that you paid for insurance but your house didn’t burn down? By drinking alkaline Ionized water you can have peace of mind by doing the most you can to have a healthier, long life by trying to offset the effects of aging and our environment.

I chose to work with Lifeionizers after using most of the others on the market. Lifeionizers are the highest quality Ionizers with the best filters and warranties I could find. They stand behind their products. And so do these groups.