Our commercial water ionizer can produce an average of 1,400 liters of alkaline or acidic water per hour. Perfect for: water bottlers, hotels, livestock drinking water, spas, and sanitation.


The CL-2000 provides much larger amounts of ionized water than comparable units manufactured in Japan. The CL-2000 also features lower cost than comparable Japanese units when it’s time to replace electrodes and membranes.

Prefiltration equipment must be installed to ensure longevity and trouble free operation. Source water should be tested to ensure there is not a problem with hard water or contaminants such as nitrates.

pH and ORP output may vary based due to water source. We make no claims on final product in relation to pH or ORP.

Reliability: Quality, long term trouble free operation with consistent pH and –ORP Output
Ease of use: Fully automated (periodic monitoring is recommended)
Durability: System can operate under adverse conditions like dust and high humidity
Cost effectiveness: Lower initial capital investment, operating costs, and replacement
parts cost
Warranty and Servicing: Comes with manufacturer’s warranty
User Serviceable components: Electrodes and membrane are easily changed