Applications: Commercial

water ionizer that makes 300 – 350 Liters (70 -80 Gals) of alkaline ionized water per hour for large scale industrial use. The Life Ionizer CL-500 was designed to be suitable for water bottling and agricultural applications, or any use that requires large amounts of ionized water.

Description: The Life Ionizer CL-500 produces strong alkaline water in a pH range of 8 – 10, and an ORP range of -250 to -600, and it has an optional fully-automated self cleaning function. The system provides a continuous flow of ionized water during operation, and can be operated with minimal oversight thanks to its automatic shut-off for overheat and low/high water pressure conditions.

Exclusive Optional Features – Found only on EarthTrade Commercial Ionizers!

The EarthTrade 500 has several options which set it apart from any other commercial water ionizer:

  • Proprietary Mineral/Supplement Injection system – Make your own unique blend of ionized mineral water!
  • Totally automated bypass system
  • Float System – Switches system on or off depending on supply tanks water level
  • Dual amperage settings – Provides consistent pH and ORP output when operating in reversed-current mode. This helps prevent damaging scale build up!


  • Electrodes / Platinum coated Titanium
  • Electrode Life – 4000 to 10000 hours depending on source water
  • Available in 110V or 220V, 50hz or 60hz. 30 amp
  • Warranty 12 months (except electrodes/chambers)
  • Dimensions – 450mm (17.7”) X 350mm (13.8”) X 500mm (19.7”H). Weight – TBA