EarthTrade HydraCide Commercial Ionizer

Applications – Commercial water ionizer makes 1000 – 4000 Liters per hour of acidic ionized water per hour for large scale industrial use. The EarthTrade HydraCide was designed to produce large amounts of ionized oxidative water for sanitation, livestock applications, or any use that requires large amounts of ionized water.

Extremely Durable – The HydraCide is able to work in dusty environments and in a temperature range of 5 – 40 Centigrade (41 – 104 Fahrenheit)

Description – The EarthTrade HydraCide produces strong acidic water in a pH range of 2.3 – 2.7, with an ORP of up to +1000= with our 99% pure sodium chloride electrolytic enhancer. The system has a fully-automated self cleaning function. The system provides a continuous flow of ionized water during operation, and can be operated with minimal oversight thanks to its automatic shut-off for overheat and low/high water pressure conditions.

Exclusive Optional Features – Found only on EarthTrade Commercial Ionizers!

The EarthTrade 500 has several options which set it apart from any other commercial water

  • Proprietary Mineral/Supplement Injection system – Create your own blend of ionized acidic water!
  • Totally automated bypass system – Allows water to keep flowing in case of system failure
  • Float System – Switches ionizer on and off when filling supply tanks.
  • Dual amperage settings


  • 14 Electrodes made of platinum coated titanium
  • Electrode Life – 4000 to 10000 hrs depending on source water
  • Power requirements – 110 Volts, 600 Watts
  • Warranty 12 months (except electrodes/chambers)
  • Dimensions – 450mm (17.7”) X 350mm (13.8”) X 500mm (19.7”H). Weight – 150 Kg
    (330 Lbs)