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Next Generation MXL-15™ Undercounter $4497 (Before Discount Code) Free Shipping to Continental USA

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Quick Overview

The Life MXL-15 is the world’s most powerful home water ionizer. It has 15 plates and over 800 Watts of power, giving it the ability to produce pH and antioxidant ORP levels that other ionizers can’t reach, at the highest flow rate of any home water ionizer. If you have tough health challenges, and or a large family, the MXL-15 is the ionizer for you. The MXL-15 has the largest ionization chamber of any home water ionizer made. What that does for you is increase the amount of time that water spends in the ionization chamber. More time in the chamber means more ionization, and more of the health benefits that ionization gives to water. The MXL-15’s large ionization chamber and high power enables it to make more molecular hydrogen than any other ionizer on the market. If you want the very best water ionizer made, the Life MXL-15 is your machine

Additional Information

Rated Voltage 110V / 220V
Electrodes (Number of Plates) 15 (Fifteen) Plates
For use with N/A
Electrode Style XL Matrix Grid™ Plates
Power System XL Power™ SMPS
Power consumption Super Coil – Adjusts up to 800 Watts
Settings 1 Purified, 2 Acidic, 4 Alkaline
pH Output pH range from 1.7 up to 12.2
ORP Output up to -1005(Enhanced ORP at drinkable levels)
Filtration Custom Pre-filter, Dual Internal
Cleaning function Advanced RADC Cleaning System
Display Full Color LED Display w/ Automatic Voice Prompting
Flow control Automatic
Protection Automatic Heat Sensor
Installation Convertible – under counter to counter-top
Available colors Silver, Silver/Black
Optional Technology Upgrades EF Technology, Ultraviolet XL Sterilization System™, XL Power™ SMPS
Warranty Guaranteed LIFEtime warranty
Dimensions 13 x 13 ¾ x 6

Compare the LIFE M-13 to the competition

Competing ionizers like Enagic’s Kangen machine have good flow rates, but they make you compromise on your water’s pH and antioxidant power. A Kangen machine struggles to get over a pH of 9 at it’s maximum flow rate. If you want a higher pH, and high antioxidant potential from a kangen machine, you have to slow the flow rate down – to as much as half the machines maximum flow rate:

Kangen Machine: Highest antioxidant power at 2 liters per minute flow
Life M13: Highest antioxidant power at 5 liters per minute flow

The M13 can make powerful antioxidant water at twice the rate the kangen machine can because it has a much larger plate surface area than the kangen machine does, and more than three times the power! Our new 2016 models have the New Heavy-Duty GRID Plates with MAX Platinum Coat – 8 coats of Platinum over Industrial Titanium.

The best water ionizer for water purity

The LIFE M-13 continues LIFE Ionizers commitment to the purity of alkaline water by providing a free custom-configured pre-filtration system selected based on your local water quality. Worried about toxins in your water? No problem, LIFE has the right filter for it, and it’s included free with your new LIFE M-13.

How does LIFE know what’s in your water?

LIFE Ionizers takes the time to study your water quality. We use information gathered from the annual water quality report filed by your local water authority with the EPA. If toxins are detected in your water, your local water authority has to report them to the EPA.

The best water ionizer for hard water

Got hard water? No problem, we have the right filter for that. Plus, the LIFE M-13 uses LIFE’s patent-pending Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) system to clean hard water deposits from your ionizers plates.

The ultimate water ionizer comes with the ultimate warranty

The LIFE M-13 comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. We guarantee your new Next Generation M-13 will give you a lifetime of satisfactory service. Your lifetime warranty includes your ionizer’s plates. Compare that to Kangen which charges you $400 extra for an “extended” warranty on their machines plates. Worse yet, Kangen voids your warranty outright if you use your ionizer with hard water (source: Enagic Kangen website).
More alkaline water – Enough to share with friends and family

Customers tell us that buying a new LIFE Ionizer makes them popular with friends and family.

Everyone loves the taste of alkaline water by LIFE – it’s slightly sweeter and a lot more refreshing than ordinary water, and a lot healthier! Because of this, you can expect that everyone you know will be coming to your house, water bottles in hand! Your new LIFE M-13 is up to the task of keeping all those bottles full.

*pH results are dependent on source water.