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LC-11-C-croppedThe LC-11 is a superior commercial system designed for restaurants, health business, and retail stores.

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This is the only WQA and NSF approved commercial ionizer on the market today. It uses 11 titanium, platinum coated electrode plates with over 600W of power making it the most powerful counter-top ionizer anywhere.

This unit will provide you with strong alkaline water to neutralize acidity, strong anti-oxidants to combat free radicals and micro-clustered water to provide abundant hydration and delivery on nutrients and minerals. It can also produce non ionized filtered water, and acidic water at different levels for different applications.

We can add a hot water component to this system which will be able to make hot purified water (not alkaline). There is also an available stand which acts like a cooler. This will enable the system to produce cold alkaline water and/or hot water. These options are additional.

An overview video can be watched here LC-11 Info Video

The user manual is available here LC-11 User Manual

You will be pleased to know our customized filtration process removes almost every contaminant in your local water supply — we are the only company to offer this service. The LC-11 has two internal filters and are changed out based on usage. The first internal filter needs to be changed approximately every 6-10 months and the second internal filter every 10-14 months or about 2,500 Liters of use. I will include an additional set for free so you will have extras on hand. They each are usually $59.97.

LC-11 Overview & Specs:

 My direct number is 415-203-5519 should you have any further questions.

Remember, the more plates you have in your ionizer, the more power you have to produce stronger alkaline and acid levels. Here are some features…

  • 11 large platinum coated titanium plates
  • Two internal filters
  • 9 Different layers of filtration
  • 4 alkaline levels, 3 acidic levels, one purify setting
  • Volume 5L/min
  • pH range 2.5 – 11.5
  • -ORP as low as -900mV
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Speaker with alerts (it talks to you!)
  • Filter life indicator
  • Extension hose for filling larger containers
  • Multi-color display for different water types
  • Connects to faucet or cold water line under sink
  • Custom pre-filter included for local water quality
  • No additives required
  • 5-Year full warranty

Limited Time Offer: $3997 (Reg. $5997)
Color Options: White, Black, Silver

Add on features and Upgrades: I will include two free

  • Ultra Violet UV ($150 value): Kills 99% of bacteria, parasites, viruses, etc. More info
  • Mesh Technology ($100 value): Larger plates increase ionization producing 15% stronger properties More info
  • EFT Technology ($150 value): Adds 205 positive frequencies to balance frequencies in the body.

Your personalized water report
Did you know… We are the only company to offer this customized solution to ensure you get the best drinking water possible?

The new LIFE Ionizer® LC-11 is the most technologically advanced ionizer available! This new state of the art ionizer contains substantially more power and adjustment options and is considerably more affordable than the competition. The LC-11 has the highest surface area + power ratio of any ionizer available in its class resulting in optimal alkaline and acidic levels. This machine is designed to provide you with the highest number of antioxidants available at standard alkaline drinking levels. LIFE Ionizers has just raised the bar for ionization with the focus that value is the combination of quality, performance and results!

Comes with our Peace of Mind 60 Day Money Back Guarantee when purchased at Retail Price.

If you would like a further in-depth discussion on your water report please contact me via email with the best time to call.

With 14 years in business we pride ourselves on expert knowledge. With numerous patents and advances in the field of water research, your quest for vibrant, healthy, clean drinking water lies with Life Ionizers.

I look forward to hearing from you

Bob Earl
Proud Lifeionizer Dealer