Storing Alkaline Ionized water

I wanted to see for myself what happens to Alkaline Ionized Water when it is stored in different types of containers. The results below show that some container types are much better than others at keeping the ORP properties. In conclusion it really shows why you need to get the Alkaline Ionized water direct from a Lifeionizer to get the most powerful ORP antioxidant properties from the water.  Remember the more negative the ORP the stronger the properties. Most tap water has a ORP of +100 to +400, not much of an antioxidant.

In addition there is a test with an open glass. As you can see it loses its properties very quickly. Before I did this test I left a glass of water by the bed and tested what was left first thing in the morning.  More than half of the ORP properties are gone so then just refill it from the Lifeionizer!

Water Storage results copy


These results are averages from 3 different tests using a Hanna PH and ORP meter. This was to reduce fluctuations.