Dec 01

Why is the Kangen Water Machine so Expensive?

Anybody who has shopped for a water ionizer is familiar with the high price of the kangen water machine®. The kangen® system costs about twice as much as competing water ionizers, and anyone considering buying the kangen® system has the right to know why.

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What you get for your money in a kangen water machine®
The Kangen system comes with 7 plates and 230 watts of power. Compared to other brands of water ionizer, that makes the kangen® system a mid-grade ionizer. Competing high end ionizers come with 9 plates, and over 300 watts of power. So if you buy a kangen machine®, you pay twice as much for less power and plates.

FACT: The kangen water machine® is not as powerful as competing ionizers that cost less

Some try to justify the kangen machine’s exorbitant price by suggesting the kangen machine has better plates. However, the company that makes the kangen machine (Enagic®) admits that the kangen machine® can destroy its own plates! The kangen® system can destroy its plates because it needs chemical additives to work right. One of those chemicals (an acid) corrodes the platinum on the kangen® system’s plates, and exposes the titanium underneath. So if you buy a kangen machine®, beware of the fact that you could be exposed to toxic titanium!

FACT: The plates in the Enagic water machine® can be destroyed by normal use.

The kangen machine® uses a single filter, where competing systems have two or more filters. According to Enagic’s® website; the single filter used in the kangen machine® is inadequate, it isn’t able to remove metals and salt from the water produced by the machine. So if you buy a kangen water machine® beware of the fact that it may not be able to remove all of the toxins found in your water.

FACT: The kangen water ionizers® cannot remove salt or heavy metals from water.

What you’re really paying for in the Kangen water machine®
The kangen water machine® uses obsolete technology, and it’s weaker than competing systems. So the question remains: What are you paying for when you buy a kangen water machine®?

You are paying for 8 Multi-Level Marketers to receive a commission. The Kangen machine® has the highest markup of any water ionizer sold because:

Enagic® – The manufacturer – expects and gets full price for its machine from its network of MLM sales people
Eight sales people get paid a commission for every one machine sold!
Even the replacement filter for the kangen machine® is expensive. It costs more than twice what you would pay to get filters for any other brand of water ionizer! The bottom line is, the kangen water machine® is a rip off, and it costs way too much for a mid-grade ionizer with obsolete technology.

FACT: There are too many people expecting to get paid when a kangen water ionizer® sells.

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