Alkaline Water and your Teeth

I recently want to my Dentist after a long 5 years for a cleaning. The assistant asked how long it had been since my last cleaning and I replied “about 4 years I think”. She looked at the chart and said “actually it has been almost 5 years”. Ok, now I was ready for the usual lecture on flossing, coming for a cleaning every 6 months etc. Instead she said “I am very surprised, you have hardly any tartar buildup at all! It looks like you were here for a cleaning less than 6 months ago.” She asked what I had changed and said nothing really but I had started using Alkaline water about 6 years ago. She mentioned they have started recommending a high PH toothpaste but this must have something to do with it. Most people don’t wait 5 years for a cleaning so never see the difference. I have always had lots of tartar each time I went for a cleaning. When the dentist examined me there was a small cavity that he had seen 5 years ago that had not grown. Something is working!

After the appointment I did some research and found parts of this past article from the Washington Post:

“Alkaline water has a non-acidic pH of 8 or higher. Once again, we see a common theme: cavity-causing bacteria create acidic environments, so exposing your teeth and gums to water that has a basic pH will neutralize the acid in the mouth that causes cavities. Alkaline water has been said to promote overall bodily health, in addition to supporting the growth of strong teeth and bones. It is fluoride-free, but who needs fluoride, when you can beat cavities the natural way, and NOT run the risk of fluorosis. A healthy diet, rich in foods that promote a basic pH, combined with the moderate consumption of alkaline water, to keep your overall body pH at a healthy level (between 7.2 and 7.6, is optimal, if I’m not mistaken), is the key to preventing cavities, fluorosis, and many other diseases.”

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