Alkaline Water Detoxification | Protection Against Mercury

alkaline water detoxification from mercury infographic

A study that examined the mineral content of hair from 47 women in Sweden shows that the water you drink will influence the minerals that your body ultimately absorbs. In the study, alkaline water drinkers had higher concentrations of essential nutrients like calcium in their hair. Acidic water drinkers had higher levels of toxic elements like mercury in their hair. The results of the study led the researchers to conclude: “Alkaline water may protect from the toxic effects of mercury.”

Alkaline Water is Healthy Water

alkaline water detoxification from mercury infographic

The pH of the water you drink, and the minerals in it play an important role in keeping your body healthy, and protecting your from toxins. Clinical testing of alkaline and acid water enriched with calcium shows that the body retains more calcium from alkaline water than it does from acidic water.

How alkaline water helps you detoxify

Alkaline water from a water ionizer has been shown to promote higher levels of antioxidant activity in the liver, which helps it flush toxins more efficiently. In fact, alkaline water is fast becoming a popular way to recover from a hangover!

Your body also needs adequate levels of hydration for it’s detoxification systems to work their best. Alkaline water is the water of choice for your hydration needs. Research has shown that it hydrates better than plain water, and raises the pH of your urine, which may help your kidneys discharge toxic acids.

Why alkaline water may protect from the toxic effects of mercury

Researchers have speculated on two possibilities. Alkaline water may be naturally free of toxins like mercury, or the pH of alkaline water actually prevents the body from absorbing mercury. One fact is very clear, if you don’t want toxins like mercury in your body, make sure they’re not in your water! LIFE Ionizers come with a custom pre-filter that can be configured to filter toxins like mercury if they’re in your water supply. If you’re not sure what toxins have been found in your water. LIFE Ionizers will find out. 

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