Alkaline Water Detoxification proven by Study

A 2011 study on the effects of drinking alkaline water reveals that drinking alkaline water can provide detoxification of heavy metals from your body. The study evaluated 4 people who consumed alkaline water for 2 months. Researchers monitored test subjects urine before and during the time they drank alkaline water. All four test subjects showed an increase in the levels of heavy metals detected in their urine for the first couple of days when they started drinking alkaline water. The study made alkaline water using a water ionizer and tap water from Hendersonville, NC. According to their annual water quality report, Hendersonville’s tap water shows only a small amount of copper in it (0.09 mg/L). So the heavy metals excreted by the test subjects definitely didn’t come from Hendersonville’s water!

alkkaline water detoxification infographic

10 toxins that were excreted by study participants

Heavy Metals Detoxification by Alkaline Water

The infographic above shows the 10 metals that were detected in study subjects urine.

 The results from the study after two months was conclusive.  All test subjects excreted heavy metals. The test subjects in this study continued their normal eating habits and lifestyle, so they would have been subjected to ongoing exposure from heavy metals by their food and lifestyle during the study. Alkaline water was simply allowing their bodies to discharge higher levels of those toxins. Previous studies reviewed on this blog have documented that alkaline water shows a protective effect from mercury.

Can Alkaline Water help you detoxify?

Everybody’s body is different, so only your doctor can tell for sure. First, you would need to have your doctor test your urine to see if any toxic metals are present. If there are heavy metals in your urine, you would need to do a follow up test to see if your excretion levels have changed.

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Why LIFE Water Ionizers are best for detoxification

The best alkaline water for detoxification is the purest alkaline water. LIFE Ionizers ensures your alkaline water is as pure as it can be with a custom-configured pre-filtration system and dual internal filters. LIFE Ionizers evaluates your local water quality report for toxins including heavy metals. Whatever we find in your water, LIFE Ionizers has a pre-filter for it. That custom pre-filter is included free with your new LIFE Ionizer LIFE’s patent-pending Vitamin C Ceramic Block filtration technology is the only filter technology that is equally effective against chlorine and chloramines.

Why the Kangen Water machine isn’t suitable for detoxification

The kangen machine only comes with one internal filter. If you want a pre-filter system with your kangen machine, it costs extra. Enagic, the maker of the kangen water machine does not custom configure your pre-filter. The single filter in the Enagic machine may only remove 80% of the chlorine in your water at it’s maximum flow rate. Enagic’s granular activated carbon/ calcium sulfite (GAC) filter is configured for chloramine reduction, but no rating is given in Enagic’s filter specifications. Because the kangen water machine can’t remove heavy metals from your water, it could actually sabotage your detoxification program!

Warning: The Kangen Water System does NOT filter heavy metals or salt found in your water! (Source: Enagic website, water filtering specifications for the Leveluk SD-501)

Things to keep in mind about the study this article is based on

This study was conducted on 4 middle-aged people (average age 52.5 years) who were clinically obese (average weight = 255 Lbs, and Body Mass Index average 39.75). All four study participants lost weight, an average of 12 pounds during this study. Some of the toxin release shown in this study may have been from toxins trapped in the study participant’s fat tissue. Those toxins would have been discharged as fatty tissues were reduced.

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The effect of daily consumption of 2 liters of electrolyzed water for 2 months on body composition and several physiological parameters in four obese subjects: a preliminary report. Guy E. Abrabam, Jorge D. Flebas. Original Internist.  Sept 2011 v18 i3 p96(9).