How do Ionizers Work?

This is a short explanation, for more detailed info click on the “Consumers Guide to Water Ionizers” in the right menu under Products.

Ionized Water is energy-rich free radical fighting water produced from the ordinary tap water. As your tap water passes through the Life Ionizer first it runs through the filters then to the ionizer where it is divided into two streams, one Acidic, the other Alkaline which is micro-clustered for maximum hydration and cellular detoxification. In addition to the Alkaline benefits it also breaks the water down into smaller clusters of molecules per water cluster. In layman’s terms, this makes the water much easier to absorb and will keep your red blood cells from “sticking together”, they can do their job much better if they are swimming solo!

The Life Ionizer Multi-step filtration systems removes all contaminants and then ionizes the water to create anti-oxidants. LIFE Ionizers™ has been shown to have the most effective Filtering system in all top Ionizer Brands! Read the Consumer Guide to Ionizers for more info.

The water is then sent through electricly charged Platinum coated titanium plates which divide the water into Acidicand Alkaline mineral streams. The Alkaline water is for drinking and is now micro-clustered for better hydration and detoxification.


“Again, we are not allowed to say drinking Ionized water will keep you from getting any diseases. The information on this page is from my research and my own experiences drinking Ionized water and eating a high alkaline diet.”
There are many other parts to this puzzle but this is my short synopsis of the importance of maintaining your PH Balance. From my experience it seems for this to work it takes a change in our lifestyle by drinking Ionized water for most of you liquid intake and eating more Alkaline foods.

There are many good programs on the market for your health and if they get people interested and noticing benefits of eating better that is a great start. However, they can only help raise your PH by the PH of their ingredients. No food or supplement you can eat is going to have a PH high enough to offset an ACID diet or lifestyle, it appears only Ionized water can do this.

Ionizers are not inexpensive, but it is only a one time cost and if it helps you stay healthier by avoiding Doctor Bills, Medicines and or treatment then it becomes the least expensive choice you can make. Consider the cost of low PH bottled water, if you buy 2 bottles each day for a year that would be $730 per year. Most of us drink more than that and after the ionizer pays for itself then you start saving $ for years to come.