How to tell if Alkaline Water is benefiting you: Bone Health

how to find out if alkaline water is reducing calcium loss infographic
An alkaline water ionizer makes alkaline water that has effects on the body that you can measure. One test you can do to see what effect alkaline water has on you is to evaluate your calcium excretion levels. High levels of calcium excretion can indicate bone loss. The goal of this test is to find out if alkaline water lowers your calcium loss.

how to find out if alkaline water is reducing calcium loss infographic

What you will need:

  • At-home calcium test kit (Available here)
  • Notebook or journal to record results

Home urine calcium test kits are used to give you an approximate measurement of the amount of calcium you are excreting in your urine. You need to follow the instructions on the kit carefully. Most home kits allow you to test multiple samples. You should test your calcium excretion several times over a 24 hour period to get an average level of calcium loss.

  • First thing in the morning when you get up
  • One hour before a meal (lunch or dinner)
  • One hour after a meal
  • One hour after drinking alkaline water on an empty stomach.
  • Before bedtime

What the test results mean

In a healthy person, calcium loss will normally be highest first thing in the morning, and after meals. Calcium loss should be lower before meals, or after drinking alkaline water on an empty stomach. If your test shows consistently low or high calcium levels you may want to talk to your doctor.

Normal Urine Calcium levels:

  • Normal Diet: 100 – 300 mg per day
  • Low calcium diet: 50 – 150 mg per day

If alkaline water is working for you, your urine calcium levels will be consistently within the healthy ranges listed above. In general, you should expect to see lower levels of calcium excretion after drinking alkaline water.

What you can do to maintain healthy calcium levels

Alkaline water is only part of what can affect your calcium levels. Diet also plays a huge role. If your urine calcium output levels fall when you drink alkaline water, it is probably helping you. But if your calcium loss is high overall, you should talk to your doctor.

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Calcium depends on other nutrients

For your body to absorb calcium, you need to make sure certain cofactors – other nutrients – are present. Calcium needs to be taken with magnesium for digestion. Alkaline water from a water ionizer will have both if you have hard water as a source.

You also need Vitamin D to be present in the intestines for your body to absorb calcium. Your body actually makes vitamin D when you get sun. Plan on getting about 30 – 40 minutes of sun every day, you want about 40% of your skin exposed to the sun. Leafy green vegetables are also great sources of vitamin D. Milk and dairy products are acid-forming, so they are not recommended.

Limitations of this test

There are plenty of other factors that can affect your urine calcium levels. Abnormally low calcium levels may mean you have difficulty absorbing calcium. Abnormally high levels of urine calcium can be caused by calcium supplements, antacids such as Tum’s, or an overly acidic diet.

Many drugs can affect calcium levels as well. If you are on medication, you should talk to your doctor about how your medications can affect urine calcium levels.

LIFE Ionizers is Committed to Your Health

The information in this article is intended for home alkaline water ionizer owners. Positive results for this test are not a guarantee of good health. The test is intended to provide you with a means of verifying that alkaline water from your water ionizer is helping you maintain healthy calcium levels. Remember, only your doctor knows for sure what the results of this test mean.

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