Is Ionized Water Alkaline or Acidic?

Both. Ionized water can be either alkaline or acidic depending on what kind of ions are in it. Alkaline ionized water from a water ionizer contains hydrated ions of calcium and magnesium, which is one of the reasons alkaline water is good for your health. Acidic ionized water contains carbonate ions, which give it its acidity.

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Not all Ionized water is the same. The right Ions make a big difference!

The science of how water becomes ionized in nature

All water, except pure water, is ionized by the substances in it to some degree. Ionization happens when a substance dissolves in water. When dissolved, the atomic bonds that hold the substance tightly together in solid form become looser. This allow the atoms that make up the substance to move apart, while still being attracted to each other by their electromagnetic charges. Any atom that has an electromagnetic charge is considered to be an ion.

Why the water made by a water ionizer is called ionized water

The tap water that enters a water ionizer is already ionized by the mineral carbonates in it. What a water ionizer does is change the way the water is ionized. Tap water contains alkaline mineral ions, and carbonate ions. When tap water evaporates, these mineral ions and carbonate ions combine to form the chalky white hard water deposits you see on your faucets.

A water ionizer separates the alkaline mineral ions and the carbonate ions  using electromagnetism. The alkaline minerals end up in the alkaline water, the carbonate ends up in the acidic water. Both ions then chemically react with the water to form both alkaline ionized water, and acidic ionized water.

That is why the alkaline water made by a water ionizer is called alkaline ionized water. The water is ionized by the alkaline mineral ions in it. The water ionizer also makes acidic ionized water the same way: The water on the acidic side is ionized by carbonate ions

Why alkaline ionized water is different than plain alkaline water

Alkaline ionized water from a water ionizer contains alkaline mineral ions and hydroxyl ions. Hydroxyl ions have antioxidant potential. In fact, every antioxidant food or supplement acts as an antioxidant in your body by supplying hydroxyl ions! Because of this, alkaline ionized water has antioxidant potential.

Fact: Hydroxyl ions are what make antioxidants work in your body

Plain alkaline water contains alkaline mineral ions and carbonate ions. Carbonate ions don’t have antioxidant potential. This is why the alkaline water you buy in a store, and hard water don’t have antioxidant potential. Hard water and plain alkaline water are still good for you, but you don’t get the antioxidant potential of the alkaline ionized water made by a water ionizer.

The difference between alkaline ionized water and plain alkaline water in the body

Alkaline ionized water hydrates the body about 17% better than plain alkaline water, and that’s a big deal. Keep in mind that your body begins to suffer the effects of dehydration with as little as 2% dehydration. Research on alkaline ionized water showed that cyclists retained more of it in their bodies during workouts. The cyclists were also able to fully rehydrate their bodies faster after a long strenuous ride.

Fact: 3 out of every 4 Americans suffer from chronic dehydration. If you are one of them, improving your hydration status will make a HUGE difference in your health!

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