Lifeionizers Alkaline Water Vending Machine

Alkaline Ionized Water Vending Machine

Commercial Water Ionizer


Vending Water for Life!

Health-conscious consumers are clamoring for alkaline water. Now you can offer alkalized, ionized, micro-clustered water to your customers for far less than the price of bottled water! – Please call now to order or with questions!

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Better Water

Alkaline water comes at a premium; people normally pay about $3 – $5 a gallon for bottled alkaline water. The Earth Trade Water 1000 offers you an outstanding opportunity to give your bottled water customers the healthy water they really want.

Alkaline Ionized Water

Water produced by the EarthTrade Water 1000 has a pH range of up to 9 (8.5 in California). Alkaline ionized water contains antioxidant hydroxyl ions in essential dietary minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphates.

The Alkaline Ionized Water Vending Machine is NAMA Certified

This Vending Machine was tested and meets the standards for the “Sanitary Design of Food and Beverage Vending Machines”. 

System Features

  • From 500 gallons per day to 2,500 gallons per day
  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet or Wireless
  • Up to 6 system alarms monitored remotely
  • High capacity single serve chilled water
  • High vandal resistant cabinet, much stronger than most cabinet
  • High visibility, full front backlit signage
  • Can accept cash/bill, smart card, or credit card
  • Avalilable in 110V/220V, 60hz/50hz
  • NAMA Certified


  • Dimensions: 38″(W) x 33″(D) X 73″(H)
  • Footprint: 40″(W) X 36″(D)
  • Weight: 450lb

* Results may vary due to uniqueness of the source water.

** Machines installed in California it will have a pH of 8.5. All other states in USA installations will have a pH of 9.

*** Price does not include optional items or shipping.

Availability: 8 weeks after deposit