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Life Ionizer MXL-7 Undercounter – $2,497 


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Dual internal filters, custom pre-filter and ultra efficient electrolysis chambers combine to give the M-7 high-end performance at a mid-range price! The M-7 has Lots of power and converts easily from countertop to under counter use with LIFE’s optional stainless steel faucet unit.
Sophisticated SMPS power and quality platinum coated titanium plates in the M-7’s means we can offer a Lifetime warranty on parts!
Plus we run a Free water report and provide a Free customized pre-filter system!
LIFETIME WARRANTY on all parts & 10 years on labor.  
Includes over $539 in Free Bonuses!
LIFE Ionizers Exclusive Industry-leading technology!• Fully adjustable: Up to 309 Watts ionizing power gives you the best pH and -ORP from your particular water source.
• Super Coil SMPS power supply provides more power, greater efficiency, and ultimate durability. That’s why the LIFE M7C comes with a lifetime guarantee on parts and 10 years on labor!
• Vitamin C Ceramic Block™ Filtration technology (patent pending) – exclusive to Life Ionizers.
BENEFIT: ultimate filtration technology for chlorine & chloramines reduction.
• Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) (patent pending) fully automated system cleaning technology – unlike lesser ionizers; you never have to wait for your alkaline water! The RADC system along with our citric acid cleaning cartridges protects your investment from some of the effects of hard water. 
Features that make the M7 LIFE Ionizers better:
• 7 ultra-platinum coated titanium electrodes, along with our high powered SMPS power system and MESH plates deliver more power per square inch than any other electrode on the market. 
• More Platinum! .75 micron thick coating of platinum, the thickest coating in the industry, means Life Ionizers last longer and allows us to provide a lifetime warranty!
• Automated self-diagnostic system maintains peak ionizer performance
• Widest range of pH and ORP selections when using our Life Acid Supplement.
• Peace of mind: We find the contaminants in your water with a FREE analysis of your local water quality report
• We address the impurities we find in your water quality report by giving you a FREE custom-configured pre-filter
• The LIFE M7C is fully convertible to under-the-counter use with our attractive real stainless steel faucet system – a high grade stainless steel faucet which compares to most other companies which use fake “stainless steel” that is actually a plastic coating.
• Easy to read and use touch screen controls with voice prompt.
To get the best ionization performance, you need the right combination of power, electrodes, and technology. LIFE Ionizers M7C packs a lot of power, and offers you the choice of flat electrodes or optional MESH, which can increase the pH and ORP performance of an ionizer by up to 15%.
LIFE Ionizers cares more about your health more than any other ionizer company
LIFE Ionizers is the only ionizer company that checks your water quality report to find toxins in your water.
LIFE gives you a free pre-filter to make sure we filter any toxins we find in your water.
LIFE is the only ionizer company in the industry that cares enough about you to check for toxins in your water! We also offer you a free Gold Membership in the AlkalineLifestyle.com Community website to help you reach and maintain your health goals.
Alkaline water for your health
According to health experts, essential minerals like calcium and magnesium are 30% easier to absorb from drinking water than they are from food*. Minerals in water are good for your health. Calcium helps build and maintain healthy bones, magnesium also helps build and maintain a healthy immune system.
LIFE Ionizers makes your water healthier by filtering out toxins and raising the pH and –ORP potential. The result is the healthiest, freshest tasting glass of water you ever drank, as fresh as a mountain spring. *Comparison of the Mineral Content of Tap Water and Bottled Waters
Vitamin-C Ceramic Block – Exclusive advanced protectionLIFE Ionizers Vitamin C Ceramic Block™ (patent pending) filtration is the ultimate in chlorine and chloramines reduction. Vitamin C filtration is used by hospitals and laboratories to eliminate chlorine and chloramines in water – and only LIFE Ionizers has it!Even our competitors admit: LIFE Ionizers is the undisputed industry leader in filtration technology!
Reverse Action Dual Cleaning (RADC) technology
All ionizers have a cleaning cycle, but only LIFE has RADC cleaning technology that automatically maintains your ionizer. The RADC system works in the background, when you’re not using your ionizer. This means that you never have to wait for the machine to clean itself. Your LIFE Ionizer is always ready to provide you with healthy, refreshing alkaline water!All LIFE alkaline water ionizers come with sophisticated internal computer diagnostics that self-check the ionizer at every use. This system maintains your ionizer at peak performance at all times.Strongest electrodes in the industryLIFE electrodes have the thickest coating of platinum in the industry! The quality of the electrodes is the most important factor in the longevity and reliability of an ionizer. LIFE Ionizers coats the LIFE M7′s titanium electrode plates with .75 microns of platinum – 300% thicker than any other ionizer made! The high quality and thick coating of platinum on LIFE Ionizers electrode plates is the reason that LIFE Ionizers is able to guarantee its electrode plates for life.LIFE M7C: Style and Convenience The LIFE M7C comes in your choice of attractive finishes; charcoal or black. The M7Ccounter top is also convertible to an under the counter ionizer with our stainless steel faucet kit.
Health • Purity • Great Tasting Water • Value • Convenience – You get it all in a LIFE Ionizer!*pH and ORP levels are determined by the source water and can vary. The levels stated are for optimum conditions.