My Personal Experience with Alkaline Water

I was a professional Race Car Driver for over 23 years and have been coaching drivers for over 40 years. During that time I was fortunate enough to have learned from many Health Professionals mostly Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, Nutritionists as long distance endurance racing requires top physical condition. I only wish I had discovered the Alkaline lifestyle sooner.

For me drinking Alkaline Water from a Life Alkaline Water Ionizer has had these benefits in the last 6 years:

  • 1) I have always had sores in my mouth from herpes simplex since I was 5, now I have not had one mature in 7 years which is a few months after I started with the Life Ionizer. I feel them coming on but they don’t mature. (Something is working!)
  • 2) I recently (Jan 2013) went to get a tooth cleaning after 5 years. ( I was just busy ok?) He was shocked that I did not have any tartar buildup as I usually had lots each 6 months. Also a cavity he saw back then had not grown. Read here
  • 3) I do not get ill as often and when I feel something coming on it does not last more than a few days. When younger I had constant bouts with strep throat, no more! 
  • 4) I have more energy, feel healthier and had a cleansing effect within days to a few weeks.
  • 5) My bowel movements are much more regular with 1-3 a day.
  • 6) I sleep much better and have less stiffness in my back which I injured many times in my career.
  • 7) My workouts are much better and at 66 years I can run 9 minute miles again. (for me that is good)
  • 8) Since starting with the Ionizer I have lost 20 lbs (from 190+ to 170+, I am 6 feet tall). This happened in the 2nd year.
  • 9) I appear to be more resistant to age related issues, no prescriptions or med’s and no conditions.
  • 10) I have no joint or bone loss issues.
  • 11) I have saved money by not buying bottled water and helped the environment by not using plastic.

As you read the information on this site keep this in mind.

Ionized water and a Alkaline diet is not suggested to be a quick fix for age related issues, it is a lifestyle change to try and prevent problems as we age due to our lifestyle and environment. The issues Ionized water can help with take years to affect us, research suggests using Ionized water can help prevent them from happening. The longer we wait the harder it is to combat these age related issues so it is best to get started early. I completely believe in this! I have seen and felt it!

Besides our health the other benefit is that if you currently drink 2 bottles of water a day the Ionizer will pay for itself in about 1-2 years and keep the plastic out if the system. That makes you feel even better!

To your Health!

Bob Earl